My problem is not with the Olympic idea but the Olympic reality

This is exactly the problem:

I have no problem at all with the idea of international sport – and if David Rudisha breaks the world record in the men’s 800 metres final, as I hope he will, I will be thrilled for him. However, along with many others in the more than 50 community groups, unions and charities who back CON, I find the organisation and politics of the London Games objectionable.

At a time of extreme austerity, I object to the government subsidising the Games with £12 billion of public money, far more than is being raised from the sponsors. This is especially troubling when almost all of this has been spent on one giant stadium, and when (as Mark Perryman has pointed out on this site) we could have saved almost all this money by hosting the games at existing sports sites.

I object to the way the Games is being used to prettify companies, ranging from global polluters (BP, Dow Chemical, etc.), down to mundane providers of junk food (Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Cadbury).


Especially the last point: it leaves me shaking my head when I see that sports, i.e. physical activity, is sponsored by sugar-and-fat-merchants.

And since sporting events are such moneymakers for the companies involved, of course there’s gonna be doping all over the place and enforcement will always be a step too slow and catch only the small fish who can’t dope on the cutting edge. So as with other drugs, the best way would be to legalize it: Spiegel Online: Ethicist argues doping in sports should be allowed.

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