Oficially-sanctioned violence is anti-democratic

And directly connected to the preceding post, The Atlantic writes about well-documented cases of police brutality against Occupy participants. A taste:

A member of the Research Team witnessed a particularly violent arrest. A protester was observed lying on the ground, with a number of officers standing near. The protester stated that his shoulder had just been dislocated; the officers stated that they had called an ambulance, and were not going to handcuff the protester because of his injury. However, moments later, a second group of officers rushed in and aggressively handcuffed the protester. He screamed out in pain repeatedly and told the officers about his injury, asking them to be gentle. The officers responded by stating the he was “a liar,” and they repeatedly intentionally pushed and pulled his injured shoulder. When EMTs did subsequently arrive, they inspected his shoulder, immediately removed the handcuffs, and put him in an ambulance for treatment. The individual’s lawyer later stated that the protester in fact had suffered a broken clavicle, an extremely painful and serious injury.

The second thing the oligarchy needs, in addition to propaganda outlets, is professional thugs that enforce the status quo, as Jack London was only too aware. I was very surprised by my first experience with US police, being used to the friendly, gentle German police men and women. The brutalization of German police is increasing, however, for instance in connection with the Castor transports and the protests against Stuttgart’s S21 project, in line with the implementation and effects of neo-liberal policies in Germany.

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