What Obama has wrought

The Black Agenda Report writes about what Obama has wrought:

Preventive Detention

George Bush could not have pulled off such an evisceration of the Bill of Rights, if only because the Democrats and an aroused street would not have allowed it. Bush knew better than to mount a full-court legislative assault on habeas corpus, and instead simply asserted that preventive detention is inherent in the powers of the presidency during times of war. It was left to Obama to pass actual legislation nullifying domestic rule of law – with no serious Democratic opposition.

And this is the cruel irony of it all: Romney/Ryan seems like a nightmarish future and Obama appears as the lesser evil. But 1) he’s at best marginally better, just compare his presidency so far with the man’s that he replaced with so much fanfare, and 2) a Republican president would experience pushback from what passes for the Left in the U.S. whereas in the case of Obama leftists grudgingly proclaim that this is the most realistic option for left-wing policies and therefore side with him even when his policies are as neo-liberal, imperialistic, and oligarchic as the Republicans’ would be.

This is the exact same BS that The West Wing pushed.

(via The Center of the Universe)

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