Artificially narrowing our sensory experiences

I attended a Godspeed You! Black Emperor show last week and seeing them on stage, I realized that we are at the current endpoint of a couple of thousand years of development in musical instruments that in the “West” alone has given rise to a staggering amount of string instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments, let alone to the 20th-century ability to distort sounds, or produce completely artificial one. Yet with the exception of such bands as Godspeed, these opportunities remain largely unused. Instead, the charts are filled with tracks that use pretty much the same narrow selection of sounds and beats.

In a similar manner, food for the masses is composed of a small selection of flavors and textures.

Mass production robs us of sensory experiences, yet mass production is vital to capitalism. So this narrowing of our experiences is a feature, not a bug, and every time we consume mass products, we implicitly accept it.

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