Randall Wray’s alternative meme for money

Randall Wray has a multi-part post up at New Economic Perspectives on “An alternative meme for Money”. The goal was to sketch a progressive, MMT-based meme. Especially in the beginning, I worried this might fail since the posts seemed to involve much that seems so unintuitive about MMT to a lot of people.

Once he got to Part 7, however, and to

The clock that used to sit in Times Square doesn’t record our national government’s debt, rather, it shows our net financial wealth. President Obama has added trillions and trillions to our financial wealth, making up for some of the losses Wall Street imposed on us. Thanks Uncle Sam!

he seemed to be on to something…all in all there are some interesting ideas in there about how to change the conversation.

Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – Conservative Framing
Part 3 – Alternative
Part 4 – Taxes
Part 5 – Spending
Part 6 – Inflation
Part 7 – Deficits

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