Another year and austerity still doesn’t work!

So, Germany’s GDP has shrunk in the fourth quarter and growth for the entire year was weak ( – weaker than in Japan, China or the US, countries that did not go (full) austerity. This doesn’t come as a surprise to those that understood that the “debt brake” and drive towards a budget surplus would continue to undermine domestic demand while austerity all over the EMU would undermine exports. In fact, the headline of the article should be the other way around: “Germany experiences some growth despite budget surplus”. Drivers of this growth were those profligate non-austerity countries that still imported German goods.
The numbers *do* seem to be a surprise to the macroeconomic organizations that only nine months ago predicted higher growth ( In fact, most of them still got it quite wrong only five months ago ( And now those same organization try to predict GDP developments for 2013, and are predicting, predictably, that further austerity will lead to growth and not, as the last 5 years showed, to shrinkage.

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