The German austerians are at it again

Remember when the troika not so subtly put pressure on Greek voters before the latest elections – hinting that the loans would be cut off in case Syriza won and followed through on their campaign promises?

Well, now that Berlusconi has been riding on a wave of discontent, they’re at it again as Spiegel reports:

“We are of course not a party in the Italian campaign,” German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle told the center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung in comments printed on Tuesday. “But whoever ends up forming the next government, we are emphatic that (Rome’s) pro-European path and necessary reforms are continued.”

Polenz, a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, said: “Italy needs political leaders who stand for the future. Berlusconi is certainly not one of them.”

They do this by means of the mass media of course and Spiegel is only too happy to do their bidding:

A Berlusconi victory, many fear, could result in an immediate rise in Italian borrowing costs and a return to the critical situation in which Rome found itself in late 2011[.]

Note how it isn’t made clear who the “many” are. And given that Berlusconi polls strong enough to potentially get the most votes, there are obviously “many” who believe he will improve the situation of Italian citizens.

When the US were putting pressure on Nicaraguan voters in 2006, one of their former presidents, Jimmy Carter, spoke out against it. Wish something like this would happen in Europe.

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