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Body modifications for non-medical reasons should require consent

The Nordic countries show off their level of civilization again: During a meeting in Oslo, Nordic ombudsmen for children, Nordic paediatricians, and paediatric surgeons agreed a resolution urging their national governments to work for a ban on non-therapeutic circumcision of … Continue reading

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Not all deaths are equal

A few weeks ago, when it still looked as if the US might fly air strikes against Syrian government facilities, Stratfor had one of their typical insightful analyses. As part of this they point out the cognitive dissonance characterizing the … Continue reading

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At least the NFL has the decency to call it “fantasy”

There’s an NFL-related activity called Fantasy Football. People put together teams consisting of actual NFL players and depending on those players’ game time (i.e. real life) performance, teams accrue points. To give an impression how players are scored, I quote … Continue reading

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Why are there so few women in science?

Peter Woit has post up commenting on an article in the NYT: Why are there still so few women in science?. The article outlines many of the issues that prevent women from even making it to tenure eligibility: no active … Continue reading

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