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Trying to drive out the Devil with the Beelzebub

Naked Capitalism has a post up with the title “Ragnarok – Iceland and the ‘Doom of the Gods’”. Most days I am reading Naked Capitalism and New Economic Perspectives in parallel and while I know that there is only a … Continue reading

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More madness from Argentina

So the police are striking because they are not very well paid. In Tucuman, the salary has been increased to 8,500 pesos, a bit more than 1000 euros. In Salta, the provincial government offers only 6,500 pesos, and says that … Continue reading

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Impressions from Argentina

I am currently traveling in Argentina and that’s a sobering experience. Mitchell has explained several times in detail how Argentina finally broke the peg (after years of impoverishing its population) and got the economy going again but something has gone … Continue reading

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