Moving stories vs true stories

Watched “Dallas Buyers Club” last night: Jared Leto is very impressive!
The story itself, however: when one looks at the facts, this is a story of how FDA procedures worked, getting a drug approved rather quickly that is still used today in anti-viral regimens.
When one looks at the movie, instead, this is a story of how FDA procedures failed, keeping helpful drugs out of the country. No matter that at least one of these drugs is actually less effective, with more side effects.
And this even though there are so many aspects of this that actually do deserve serious discussion, like how AIDS was and is a disease of the poor, how drugs are way too expensive in a healthcare system run for profit, how the ban on reimports is designed to improve pharma profits.
But no, it’s so much easier to demonize a government agency.

Update: for a more nuanced treatment, have a look at the Washington Post.

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