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And one more on Ukraine

Of course Stratfor had to offer something as well. As usual, they look at all the relevant players, lay out well-grounded hypotheses about their motivations: Russia’s viewpoint is appropriately pessimistic. If Russia loses Belarus or Ukraine, it loses its strategic … Continue reading

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Everything you know about Ukraine (and Crimea) is wrong

Mark Ames and the War Nerd cut through the bullshit and static regarding the current goings-on in Ukraine in their typical clear manner. Both of the pieces should be read and appreciated to the fullest, in particular since they lay … Continue reading

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“Clilmate champion” Germany

The beauty of propaganda: Avaaz has a petition up to call on heads of state to ACTUALLY commit to measures to stop anthropogenic global warming. As part of this they write: “[…] we’ll arm climate champions Germany and the UK … Continue reading

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Everything I know about the world I learned from the NFL

That’s not exactly true but the NFL is a very nice sandbox to illustrate a bunch of social (including economic) issues. Playing in the NFL is a rather risky job – most players are subjected to harsh physical contact, and … Continue reading

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