The French “Iron Heel”

So, during this weekend’s confrontations between police and protesters in Paris, an assault rifle was stolen from a police car! WTF did police assigned to this demonstration do with an assault rifle?

Unless we forget, this is the third time in the last 2 1/2 years that the government has deployed armed and armored police to break up demonstrations against its anti-social policies. This has led time and again to unjustified (and unpunished) police violence:

going as far as police pulling their sidearm on unarmed protesters:

This weekend, 110 people were hurt in Paris, of which only 20 were police.

And make no mistake, the police has clearly chosen sides. As the policeman in the first video says at 4:47:

On a des ordres, on les suit. (We have our orders that we follow.)

and when public servants demonstrated in May against the Macronian austerity, everyone was there: teachers, medical personnel, university personnel, fire fighters – the police wasn’t. They turn into Jack London’s Iron Heel.

And those people are given assault rifles when they’re deployed against protesters?

Macron has announced that he’ll help the affected businesses as quickly as possible. Most of the damage was done on the Champs-Elysées and Avenue Kléber, two of the most expensive addresses in the world! So once again, the president of the rich comes through for his constituency.

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