Official fake news

Let me clear my throat.

So it seems that this is what actually went down during the encounter of heroic native-American hero and evil MAGA kids (write-up here – take it with a grain of salt, it’s
This is not at all what I’ve seen and read during the last two days.
In fact, what I have seen is basically mainstream fake news, one more in a series of them. Contrary to what has been proclaimed since 2016, “fake news” aren’t new – they’ve just been called propaganda before. And contrary to what we’ve been told since 2016, “fake news” aren’t a big problem – people tend to consume those incorrect stories that support their confirmation bias. Which is exactly what happened with the recent mainstream fake news.
What is a problem, however, is the campaign that proclaim certain fake news, those of the mainstream, should be swallowed, whereas certain true news, those of sources opposing the mainstream, should be suppressed. In fact, a lot of what Russian operators were accused of was that they spread “divisive” information – not untrue, just terribly inconvenient to a picture of a US and a Europe where is everything is fine.

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