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Patriarchical Myths

We visited the Yamane museum in Ushuaïa, and one of the displays recounted their patriarchical myth, which goes roughly like this: In the beginning women claimed to communicate with the spirits in a secret ceremony, and to obtain orders for … Continue reading

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Body modifications for non-medical reasons should require consent

The Nordic countries show off their level of civilization again: During a meeting in Oslo, Nordic ombudsmen for children, Nordic paediatricians, and paediatric surgeons agreed a resolution urging their national governments to work for a ban on non-therapeutic circumcision of … Continue reading

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Coda to the MC discussion on

It looks as if the comment thread of the MC post on is permanently closed, so I’ll use this roundabout way to clarify my point once more. A user named macavitykitsune replied to me: You know what, it’s possible … Continue reading

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Fanning the flames

The US ambassador to Libya and several employees at the US embassy in Benghazi have been killed by Muslim fundamentalists in reaction to a short clip that portrayed Muhammad in a not very flattering manner. This is just plain wrong: … Continue reading

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And now for the pro-circumcision push-back

Nothing worthwhile comes easy, of course and the religious crowd arguing for the sanctity of religiously motivated circumcision of children won’t go down without a fight. And as was to be expected, instead of using rational arguments and empirical data, … Continue reading

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Circumcising children for non-medical reasons is wrong

Spiegel Online – Circumcision without medical justification is wrong: After birth, the foreskin protects the head of the penis (the glans) and prevents the external urethral orifice from abrasion and drying out. Following circumcision, the surface of the glans regularly … Continue reading

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