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Social Democrats – Gluttons for Punishment?

Sooooo, Fran├žois Hollande ran on a left-of-center platform, promising raised taxes on very high incomes, increased public spending, stuff like this. He then proceeded to not do any of these things, because this would have meant confrontation with eurozone austerians, … Continue reading

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What a difference a language makes

I accidentally went on Spiegel Online’s English-version site yesterday after not having been for a long while, and was very surprised about the difference of tone from the mindlessness of the German site. The top items included Egyptian elite Succumb … Continue reading

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The German austerians are at it again

Remember when the troika not so subtly put pressure on Greek voters before the latest elections – hinting that the loans would be cut off in case Syriza won and followed through on their campaign promises? Well, now that Berlusconi … Continue reading

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The money-driven US politics

There’s a post up at the Esquire, called Brunch with the populists, describing the way money influences US politics: In Washington, on a weekend like this one, money doesn’t seem like power any more than moonlight does. The presence of … Continue reading

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Mathematics 1 – Opinions 0

Nate Silver has been using pretty sound statistical methodology to forecast the US presidential election (and senatorial races) on his blog. He did so exceedingly, getting the outcome in 50 out of 50 states right: and therefore also nailing the … Continue reading

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The paranoia of the conservative mind

Since the conservative mind can’t envision that some people might prefer a society where conservatives are NOT on top of the food-chain, they frantically look for conspiracies that aim to undermine the status quo: “Limbaugh: A lot of people are … Continue reading

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