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It’s the two-facedness that’s really pissing me off

EU officials have “warned” the Russian government w.r.t. the air strikes their forces are flying: EU foreign ministers meeting on October 12 warned Moscow to focus its military actions in Syria on Islamic State extremists and not target moderate opposition … Continue reading

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Taking sides…once again

It is frankly disgusting how the same shitty playbook plays out again: the current “official” government of Yemen came into power when protests in 2011 turned into something approaching a civil war, with shelling of the presidential palace and fighting … Continue reading

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Collective punishment in Eastern Ukraine

Ok, now we see the purpose of the “Russian invasion under humanitarian disguise claims”: the Ukrainian army has already declared that dead civilians in Donezk due to Ukrainian shelling are the responsibility of the rebels for placing rocket launchers in … Continue reading

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Labeling regime destabilization “foreign aid”

USAID, which carries the “aid” in its name and which describes itself in the following manner: “USAID is a development agency, not an intelligence agency, and we work all over the world to help people exercise their fundamental rights and … Continue reading

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And one more on Ukraine

Of course Stratfor had to offer something as well. As usual, they look at all the relevant players, lay out well-grounded hypotheses about their motivations: Russia’s viewpoint is appropriately pessimistic. If Russia loses Belarus or Ukraine, it loses its strategic … Continue reading

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Everything you know about Ukraine (and Crimea) is wrong

Mark Ames and the War Nerd cut through the bullshit and static regarding the current goings-on in Ukraine in their typical clear manner. Both of the pieces should be read and appreciated to the fullest, in particular since they lay … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers of “Free Trade”

NC has reposted a piece by Don Quijones about free trade and its repercussions. In light of the bullshit spouted about the current attempts at sharpening IP regulations, and weakening democracy in the fact of profit, it helps to time … Continue reading

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