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Jacobin both good and bad

I guess that I should really get a subscription, given how often I read JacobinMag nowadays. This morning, for instance, I read a piece where they point towards the role of the Netherlands as vanguard of everything that’s wrong in … Continue reading

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“Pro Life” explained in 6 panels

At Cyanide and Happiness:

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Government-supported car purchases in the same way as single-payer healthcare might actually be a good idea

NC has a post in which they criticize the Freakanomics guys’ attempt to push for further privatization of health care: In a meeting with UK PM David Cameron, Levitt and his co-author apparently made some rather absurd remarks about health … Continue reading

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Economics and Morality

NC has a relatively short but interesting post up, called Economics is Applied Morality: Utilitarianism is the moral foundation of economics. The idea of the greatest good for the greatest number is intuitively appealing. But applying a utilitarian framework relies … Continue reading

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Body modifications for non-medical reasons should require consent

The Nordic countries show off their level of civilization again: During a meeting in Oslo, Nordic ombudsmen for children, Nordic paediatricians, and paediatric surgeons agreed a resolution urging their national governments to work for a ban on non-therapeutic circumcision of … Continue reading

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Coda to the MC discussion on

It looks as if the comment thread of the MC post on is permanently closed, so I’ll use this roundabout way to clarify my point once more. A user named macavitykitsune replied to me: You know what, it’s possible … Continue reading

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Why would feminists support male circumcision?

I am subscribed to the RSS feed of the blog and every time I read I learn a lot. I used to think of myself as a man supporting women’s emancipation but I’ve learned in the last three years, … Continue reading

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Martin Robbins from the African Propaganda Trail

Martin Robbins has a series at the Guardian right now, titled “Lessons from Africa’s propaganda trail” and the fourth entry is out. It’s the most cynical so far: Mark recorded a video of the greeting we received, shot moments after … Continue reading

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Unregulated media is anti-democratic

The Exiled has a nice fisking of the claim that libertarianism is a mainstream political attitude in the US right now. Totally worth the read but where it really hit home was when they write: None of this should be … Continue reading

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And now for the pro-circumcision push-back

Nothing worthwhile comes easy, of course and the religious crowd arguing for the sanctity of religiously motivated circumcision of children won’t go down without a fight. And as was to be expected, instead of using rational arguments and empirical data, … Continue reading

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