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Subversion in Capitalism is hard, episode whatever

Saul Williams clearly tries to be a subversive voice, has lots of interesting things to say and makes interesting music. According to his website, I can order his new album: digitally from iTunes, a platform of a company that has … Continue reading

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No left on the media

Watching “Real Humans” currently – very timely with the misguided immigration discussions in Europe. (They’re also trying to tie non-heterosexuality and anti-terrorism laws into this.) What’s depressing to me, however, is that there are only two sides presented: racists (that … Continue reading

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Borgen is (relatively) realistic political TV

I’ve written my piece about “The West Wing” before but to recap: Everybody in the show is idealistic and has only the people’s best interest at heart – even the right-wing (Republican) opposition Realistic politics in the show are always … Continue reading

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The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race

writes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Yes, that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And he simply nails it, by calling out how the racism discussion is/will be a smoke-screen: [U]nless we want the Ferguson atrocity to also be swallowed and become nothing more than an intestinal … Continue reading

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Collective punishment in Eastern Ukraine

Ok, now we see the purpose of the “Russian invasion under humanitarian disguise claims”: the Ukrainian army has already declared that dead civilians in Donezk due to Ukrainian shelling are the responsibility of the rebels for placing rocket launchers in … Continue reading

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Nothing worse than bad arguments for a good idea

Business Insider, which gives Steve Keen a platform and therefore, when in doubt, should be considered sensible, has felt the need to publish a piece “Why we still need French” (a while back). This in reaction to an NYT piece … Continue reading

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Labeling regime destabilization “foreign aid”

USAID, which carries the “aid” in its name and which describes itself in the following manner: “USAID is a development agency, not an intelligence agency, and we work all over the world to help people exercise their fundamental rights and … Continue reading

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