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ISIS and cancer: We’ll never get anywhere if we only focus on the symptoms

As was to be expected, the usual suspects are already trying to use the deaths in Paris for their own political agenda. But even the ones that are not openly xenophobic seem to mainly think of calling the attackers “barbarians”, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Gaza

Imagine you have a flatmate and he’s an asshole: on a regular basis he goes out and commits crimes – he even kills people. And once he’s done that, he comes back and hides in the flat – in a … Continue reading

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Government-supported car purchases in the same way as single-payer healthcare might actually be a good idea

NC has a post in which they criticize the Freakanomics guys’ attempt to push for further privatization of health care: In a meeting with UK PM David Cameron, Levitt and his co-author apparently made some rather absurd remarks about health … Continue reading

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Speculation theory vs practice

There are two nice posts up by Ben Strubel at New Economic Perspectives. He addresses commodity speculation. There’s currently quite a bit of discussion about this in Germany because food speculation, for instance, drives up prices and adds volatility. Strubel … Continue reading

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Map supremacy

We also visited the former prison in Ushua├»a, which is now a museum for a bunch of different things. Among those things are models of explorers’ ships and different maps (from different ages) that show South America and in particular … Continue reading

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Spiky things and evolution

We’ve been in the mountains and arid regions quite a bit and have noticed how many more spiky and bristly plants, rosehip, thistles, small bushes whose chlorophyll carriers are all spikes, there are here as compared to temperate climates. Now, … Continue reading

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