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FUCK the Eurocup

I don’t care much about soccer but if people get excited about the Eurocup – sure why not. But all those exhortations in the last days to enjoy the Eurocup in spite of everything: Let’s put aside for a moment … Continue reading

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Importing poor sexy foreigners

NFL (and other US) cheerleaders are paid pretty badly: “You get this prestigious job dancing for the Warriors and you go home, and think: Hey, I’m making $10 an hour! It’s like working at Wendy’s,” said Lisa Murray, 28, a … Continue reading

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NFL: reflecting barbaric mores

As Shutdown Corner points out, the NFL has upped their abysmal handling of the Rice situation (my emphasis): The NFL is still being criticized for giving Ray Rice a light, two-game suspension, as well it should. The league did a … Continue reading

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Everything I know about the world I learned from the NFL

That’s not exactly true but the NFL is a very nice sandbox to illustrate a bunch of social (including economic) issues. Playing in the NFL is a rather risky job – most players are subjected to harsh physical contact, and … Continue reading

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At least the NFL has the decency to call it “fantasy”

There’s an NFL-related activity called Fantasy Football. People put together teams consisting of actual NFL players and depending on those players’ game time (i.e. real life) performance, teams accrue points. To give an impression how players are scored, I quote … Continue reading

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The superdome construction couldn’t wait 90 days when the average Katrina victim waited months to years

Yahoo Sports has an article on how Robert Goodell did so much good for New Orleans’ American Football and should not be vilified for cracking down on the Saints for the “bounty” program. It’s just plain disgusting. To wit: Thornton … Continue reading

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My problem is not with the Olympic idea but the Olympic reality

This is exactly the problem: I have no problem at all with the idea of international sport – and if David Rudisha breaks the world record in the men’s 800 metres final, as I hope he will, I will be … Continue reading

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