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The vegan myth of a B12 Eden

I am currently in the process of transitioning to a vegan life style. My reasons are ethical and environmental and those reasons have firmed themselves due to the advocacy of my wife. Nutrition-wise there’s almost no problem with being vegan: … Continue reading

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Patriarchical Myths

We visited the Yamane museum in Ushua├»a, and one of the displays recounted their patriarchical myth, which goes roughly like this: In the beginning women claimed to communicate with the spirits in a secret ceremony, and to obtain orders for … Continue reading

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Spiky things and evolution

We’ve been in the mountains and arid regions quite a bit and have noticed how many more spiky and bristly plants, rosehip, thistles, small bushes whose chlorophyll carriers are all spikes, there are here as compared to temperate climates. Now, … Continue reading

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Ars Technica on Gender, Nature vs Nurture

Ars Technica has an article up: Forget Venus and Mars, we’re beginning to understand Gender behavior on Earth in which they try to give an overview over some solid research and developing insights. As part of the introduction, they write: … Continue reading

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Creationist “science”: cherry-picking, misquoting, stating w/o support

From “if evolution is true why are there still monkeys” to “micro-evolution happens but macro-evolution doesn’t” creationists don’t understand science but think they do and then pounce on supposed “evidence” the evolution through natural selection is about to crumble (for … Continue reading

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