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Winners and Losers of “Free Trade”

NC has reposted a piece by Don Quijones about free trade and its repercussions. In light of the bullshit spouted about the current attempts at sharpening IP regulations, and weakening democracy in the fact of profit, it helps to time … Continue reading

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With friends like these…

NC has a post up that takes Krugman to task for peddling outdated theories w.r.t. the trouble Argentina has experienced recently.

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Can Democracy help with Inequality?

NC has a post up with the above-mentioned title. It’s a summary of a research paper and the short answer is: “Yes but it doesn’t always.” I like this kind of research since it helps refute some propagandizing. There was … Continue reading

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Experiencing rent extraction in riskless asymmetric “markets”

There are aspects of capitalism one doesn’t fully understand until one is confronted with them. We are currently looking for an appartment. Now, the housing “market” and this is something I hadn’t fully appreciated until now, is not really a … Continue reading

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Possible global standard of living?

When we arrived in Argentina, my wife said after a couple of days: “I have come to terms with the fact that our (first-world) standard of living for the entire world is impossible to achieve. But what standard is possible? … Continue reading

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Trying to drive out the Devil with the Beelzebub

Naked Capitalism has a post up with the title “Ragnarok – Iceland and the ‘Doom of the Gods’”. Most days I am reading Naked Capitalism and New Economic Perspectives in parallel and while I know that there is only a … Continue reading

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Splinter in the eye and all that

Open Democracy has given a man called John Mills a platform for a while. He argues forcefully that the most important thing the UK government can do is devalue the pound – even calls the column “Devalue or Else”. And … Continue reading

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