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Targeting non-combatants is unethical – always!

Targeting non-combatants is unethical – always! There’s no excuse for it! Taking hostages in a mall and executing them is despicable! But let’s not gloss over some inconvenient facts.

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Stratfor: Global Arms Markets as seen throught the Syrian Lens

Stratfor has a very interesting piece out, discussing how weapons’ durability, interchangeability and stable value means that they will flow from one conflict area to another, and from one actor to another, meaning that any “we’re arming the good guys” … Continue reading

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When the Nazis took the Communists…

A friend set me off when he linked to a post discussing the inane opinion of Lindsey Graham, Republican from South Carolina, who’s “glad” about the PRISM program. Here’s what I wrote: On to the question: I’ve just watched a … Continue reading

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So some US politicians have principles after all

A topic like the NSA’s PRISM program should be a great opportunity for any politician to dust off their principles and make them known: It’s an issue that has affected millions of people and that can happen to just about … Continue reading

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Stratfor on NSA/PRISM

I’m a bit late with this but Stratfor as usual were spot on. After looking back a bit at the NSA’s history, they lay out why PRISM exists and why its existence is so much more problematic than similar developments … Continue reading

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