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The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race

writes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Yes, that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And he simply nails it, by calling out how the racism discussion is/will be a smoke-screen: [U]nless we want the Ferguson atrocity to also be swallowed and become nothing more than an intestinal … Continue reading

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Everything you know about Ukraine (and Crimea) is wrong

Mark Ames and the War Nerd cut through the bullshit and static regarding the current goings-on in Ukraine in their typical clear manner. Both of the pieces should be read and appreciated to the fullest, in particular since they lay … Continue reading

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Stratfor on Ukraine

It seems that there has been some kind of solution to what has been going on in the Ukraine. I found some of the goings-on there rather surprising – I still don’t understand how a decision of the president to … Continue reading

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When the Nazis took the Communists…

A friend set me off when he linked to a post discussing the inane opinion of Lindsey Graham, Republican from South Carolina, who’s “glad” about the PRISM program. Here’s what I wrote: On to the question: I’ve just watched a … Continue reading

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The German austerians are at it again

Remember when the troika not so subtly put pressure on Greek voters before the latest elections – hinting that the loans would be cut off in case Syriza won and followed through on their campaign promises? Well, now that Berlusconi … Continue reading

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Bill Mitchell’s optimism

I’ve just finished Bill Mitchell’s Full Employment Abandoned. This is a very relevant read if one aims to understand the ravages of neo-liberal ideology and – even more importantly – why that approach is not inevitable. Mitchell shows very nicely … Continue reading

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What Obama has wrought

The Black Agenda Report writes about what Obama has wrought: Preventive Detention George Bush could not have pulled off such an evisceration of the Bill of Rights, if only because the Democrats and an aroused street would not have allowed … Continue reading

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