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Stratfor is worth a month of MSM coverage

Stratfor discusses the Eurozone crisis, and once more they manage to put more relevant information into a single of their reports than one will find if scouring the MSM for a month: Media reports to the contrary, Greece’s return to … Continue reading

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“Animal spirits” still rule speculation

VoxEU offers academica macroeconomic analyses that are a bit more nuanced than the bleating in the MSM. But often this nuance is not very impressive. Currently, there’s write-up of a paper online, titled Watch the indices! Derivatives and the Eurozone … Continue reading

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The Eurocrisis concisely laid out

Jörg Bibow does a great job under the heading “On the alleged pains of the strong Euro. He discusses the current predicament: ECB president Mario Draghi recently argued that the strengthening of the euro was partly responsible for the bank’s … Continue reading

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Social Democrats – Gluttons for Punishment?

Sooooo, François Hollande ran on a left-of-center platform, promising raised taxes on very high incomes, increased public spending, stuff like this. He then proceeded to not do any of these things, because this would have meant confrontation with eurozone austerians, … Continue reading

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The thirties all over again

Naked Capitalism gives some props to Flassbeck and in the comments one commenter shows himself I am troubled by the comment that public reaction to this crisis will be to move more to the right. Reality-based thinker that Flassbeck is, … Continue reading

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What a difference a language makes

I accidentally went on Spiegel Online’s English-version site yesterday after not having been for a long while, and was very surprised about the difference of tone from the mindlessness of the German site. The top items included Egyptian elite Succumb … Continue reading

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The German austerians are at it again

Remember when the troika not so subtly put pressure on Greek voters before the latest elections – hinting that the loans would be cut off in case Syriza won and followed through on their campaign promises? Well, now that Berlusconi … Continue reading

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