FUCK the Eurocup

I don’t care much about soccer but if people get excited about the Eurocup – sure why not.
But all those exhortations in the last days to enjoy the Eurocup in spite of everything:

Let’s put aside for a moment that those events are publicly-subsidized commercial events that enrich some cooperations and do NOTHING for the population (in economic terms).
But this happens in a country, of which the government cuts public spending for socially useful purposes left right, lately deciding to cut 500 million from research and environment.
This is an event that has been used to extend the state of emergency, which said government used to inhibit public protests during the climate spectacle and currently against the attempt to gut the labor protections.
And this is an event which the same government tries to exploit to discipline the protesters and to distract from its attempt to push through in an undemocratic manner a law that will worsen the life of the working population.

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