Merkel on Trump

Angela Merkel has called on Trump to respect “democratic values”:

“She stressed that “the partnership with the USA is and will remain the foundation of German foreign policy so that we can meet the great challenges of our times”.

These included, she said, “the pursuit of economic and social prosperity, the struggle for forward-looking climate policy, the war on terrorism, poverty, hunger and disease, the pursuit of peace and freedom, in Germany, Europe and the world”.”

This is rich coming from the leader of the German government:

  • the course of her government in the Euro-crisis has done everything possible to undermine economic and social prosperity
  • the climate goals declared in Paris die a slow death in Germany, with any attempts by the minister of the environment to lock down some goals sabotaged by members of the government and the conservative party
  • the German government has just voted *against* a resolution calling for a ban on nuclear weapons
  • and the support for governments like the Saudi-Arabian or Turkish ones does precisely nothing for the fight against terrorism, or for freedom

Regarding the last point: I find it interesting how long Erdogan could run rampant before at least a bit of criticism emanated from the German government, compared to the calling out of Trump.

The hypocrisy would be startling if it hadn’t become so common-place by now.

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